Working Style 'I am inspired by all that I see, in particular the Douglas Farthing MBEbeauty within hardship; I record my memories of war and direct this energy into my artwork at home on the Suffolk and Norfolk border.
Capturing people in their environments be them a Baker, Soldier or an Afghan Policeman. Artists can find themselves in a testing and exciting environment. I find it rewarding to draw the viewer into the situation, young men and women from both sides - the armies and civilian populations. I feel great pleasure when, in my work, someone recognises a moment they have experienced in their own life'. Douglas Farthing MBE

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Projects & Exhibitions:

Graphic Evidence firstsite, Colchester 6.30pm, 25 March 2014, Learning Studio B

Part of the facing - recovering exhibition: Speakers: Sergeant Major Douglas Farthing MBE, soldier and artist; Jevan Watkins Jones, artist; Cinzia Cremona, artist Sergeant Major Douglas Farthing served 23 years in the Parachute Regiment in Northern Ireland, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan. Throughout this time, he produced many paintings and drawings which depict the daily lives of both soldiers and civilians. Douglas Farthing will be in-conversation with Jevan Watkins Jones and Cinzia Cremona, who produced the film in the exhibition, to discuss the challenges artists face in dealing with the impact of conflict.

5; 3 concessions, free to members, booking essential

Eggesford AUTUMN COLLECTION Catalogue:
Eggesford Autumn Collection CatalogueI've been selected by Eggesford Studio as their contemporary military artist. A selection of my work has been included in their Autumn Collection Catalogue (2013). "Douglas paints from his experiences as a soldier serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. His expressionist style captures the scenes of both combat and “ everyday” situations. He masterfully evokes the discordance between the beauty of his surroundings and the harsh realities of war".

Major Military Masterpieces: National Army Museum
Pump House Contact, Kabul

The Museum’s aim is to make all the oil paintings in the UK's public collections available for people throughout the world to learn from and explore.

To celebrate this great digital achievement, the curators have selected one of my works 'Pump House Contact' as part of their top ten favourite paintings.

National Army Museum: one of my best ever paintings can The Fourth Man now be purchased as a fine art print at the National Army Museum in London, you can buy it on line from the NAM's web site. I'm so chuffed 'The Fourth Man' depicts 3 soldiers patrolling the narrow medieval streets of Kabul looking from my perspective (fourth man).

2 PARA was the first British Battalion to enter Kabul and help create a safer environment in order to allow normality to grow.